Piano’s sit in the street yet no one is playing (Covid-19)

19 Feb 2021   |  Journal

Painting by James Green Artist in response to Covid-19. Click here to view the entire selection of paintings that reflect the global lockdown(s).

Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas
160 x 115cm (irregular shape)
Signed on front & reverse
Sold – Lives in LA

All enquiries to theartfulgreen@gmail.com

I had been wanting to acknowledge these times in some way for a little while however didn’t want to force anything too contrived and obvious. This painting happened naturally and feels like the desired authentic expression.

Text within the painting reads ‘Piano’s sit in the street yet no one is playing’.

The canvas itself was torn from my studio wall at the start of lockdown (a previous painting I wasn’t happy with), crumpled into a ball, and had me walk all over it until the start of its creation. Trodden into the studio floor, this felt like the perfect surface as tells the story of my personal lockdown spent in the studio with productivity at an all time high (pubs were closed).

James Green Art