Context: ‘A star is born’

25 Apr 2022   |  Journal

Nature is often both an inspiration and an answer to my concerns. 

As a society, we are involved by and large in a business system that divides our day into work and play. Work is something that everybody does and we get paid to do it because we probably wouldn’t do it otherwise. 

In other words, it is often so unappealing and misaligned with our identity that it has to be incentivized. Where work is organised in this way it isn’t about pleasure or self-expression. Pleasure must be purchased and consumed outside of working hours. Work becomes a function that has little relation to personal life and self-expression.  Work is a defining characteristic of man. It is in our nature to work in order to meet our needs and to make our lives agreeable, but is the concept of sacrificing time for money a corrupted construct? Our essential nature often seems misdirected by degraded forms of value (monetary). 

This painting depicts an office worker surrounded by vegetation, vigorous, but struggling to claim back the space. I sincerely hope nature wins in the long run. The worker is, of course, blameless – compelled to work against his nature.

James Green Artist