24 Jan 2023   |  Journal

I work from the same street as Damien Hirst yet we are stylistically opposite. I work in a process that I have recently described, in conversation with Stroud Times: The Big Picture [LINK], as ‘a riot of vivid unpredictability’.

My latest series, ‘Reckless Joy’ [LINK] – which expresses the feeling of the moment a work is brought to life – combines elements from my formal training with expressive interpretations and celebrations of my radiant community, restless curiosities and unique observations on all that forms part of a colourful life in my hometown, Stroud (Cotswolds).

Just to hide from this place_James Green Artist

Stroud is full of fascinating people, with unique thinkers from all walks of life that I feel privileged to work among on a daily basis. Having grown up here, it took living and travelling away to realise how special (and beautiful) Stroud really is and that it will always be home for me. My art is informed by our place and our people; the untampered commons I walk through each day and those I meet with and make connections.

This painting, created entirely from my mind, was created with the ambition of encapsulating my daily walks throughout the Stroud Valley’s. The rolling hills of which this painting expressively suggests provide me with endless inspiration. ‘Just to hide from this place’ is a bit of a pun – as it’s the last thing I’d want to do. People are often surprised that, coming from where I do, I rarely paint landscapes. Each day is different and I find it a powerful thing to allow the moment to decide where it wants me to go. And that normally leans towards some form of distorted figuration (for those intrigued by this, it might be worth reading this written work [Art is more than a pretty picture] to learn more about why I paint what I paint/the way I do). I was impulsed to create this rare landscape, and I connect with it meaningfully.

Just to hide from this place_James Green Artist