CONTEXT: ‘Self-portrait of somebody else’ (series) by contemporary portrait artist

29 Nov 2022   |  Journal

The title ‘Self-portrait of somebody else’ has become a series of 3 (thus far – since 2017) and is a title I give exclusively to paintings that I personally feel wholeheartedly realise my ambition of capturing the essence of the ‘everyday person’ (plural) through one singular painting. I don’t want my portraits to look like one specific person; I prefer for the viewer to take on their own interpretations as to who the ‘sitter’ may be.

I have thrown just about every technique at these paintings. I am particularly fond of their imperfections – including imperfect/scratched/torn/occasionally-irregular shaped surface. Imperfections are becoming a staple of my modern practice and are something I like to celebrate – all the way through to the manner in which I choose to frame my work.

James Green Art
‘Self-portrait of somebody else #1’ (2017)

James Green Art
‘Self-portrait of somebody else #2’ (2019)

‘Self-portrait of somebody else #3’ (2022)

James Green Art