CONTEXT: ‘The frontman’

29 Nov 2022   |  Journal

‘The frontman’
Mixedmedia on stretched canvas
96 x 60cm

More often than not, I create work whilst listening to a broad range of music. I love connecting with meaningful lyrics – those which often prompt me to consider the mind of ‘The Frontman’ (who is often the writer also) of the band. I like to try to get inside their mind and try to figure them out through their lyrics. Music goes hand in hand with ‘art’, for me – it’s a very similar process in terms of creation. This portrait was created entirely from imagination – I was trying to capture ‘The Frontman’ as a stereotypical entity – as opposed to a specific individual. These days, it feels considerably more powerful to me to be able to capture the essence of a person through gestural mark making, rather than to accurately replicate through meticulous study.

You can watch ‘The frontman’ being made via my YouTube channel.