Collector Resource: Framing my work

06 Dec 2018   |  Journal

Framing my work

Most of my work these days is created on unstretched canvas – often irregular in shape. This has been an organic transition and stems from my impulsive approach and fondness of imperfection. Although if you frame my artwork using the following guidelines, you’ll have the perfect ‘hang-ready’ finish. The right framing is crucial when dealing with contemporary art – for both aesthetic and protection.

To ensure my trademark contemporary finish, it’s very important to frame my artwork with edges revealed – particularly when the artwork extends to the edge of the canvas. It essentially needs to be treated as a large piece of paper as per the example images above and below. Please also note that my canvas works are often irregular shapes and the border will need to account for this.

Here’s a perfect example on how to frame my artwork from Sydney-based Culture PR legends Thinking Loud


4 Star Service by James Green Artist



White/black contemporary box frame / 5-6cm deep frame profile / anti-reflective glaze / float-mounted with edges revealed.


Thinking Loud by James Green Artist

Whenever you purchase a piece of my work (even if you’re one of my regular collectors), you’ll always receive printed guidelines specific to your piece for ease when reaching out to your framer. The painting will likely arrive rolled in a tube. Just take this down to your quality framer and let them crack on.

Any q’s you know where to find me!

Thinking Loud by James Green Artist