Framing example from collector in Germany

04 May 2023   |  Journal

There’s nothing better than receiving photos of my work in collectors homes ♥ This is one of my favs from last year and now lives in Germany. The way it has been framed (including no glass) has allowed the imperfections (irregular shape / slight tears / little crinkles, etc) to shine fully. As always, I remember the exact moment that I put the finishing touches on this painting. It says so much about me and my life all in one physical ‘thing’.

Grateful to you all and grateful for this colourful life x

Featured painting details:

‘A visit from a friend’
Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas (irregular shape)
160 x 145cm approx

Artist James Green expressive painting hanging in collectors home in Germany Painting by artist James Green hanging in collectors home in GermanyJames Green artist paints an expressive & colourful figurative painting featuring a bird landing on the figures arm

Artist James Green painting hanging in collectors home in Germany