Framing the work of James Green Artist

31 Oct 2022   |  Journal

Framing the work of James Green Artist – examples/recommendations.

This post was created as a Collector Resource; to assist with framing ideas/options & to simplify conversations with framers. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email if you’d like to discuss with the artist directly in more detail. Collectors often have their own creative ideas when it comes to framing, and we are very happy to discuss varying options.

Featured images taken from the homes of collectors around the world.

James Green Artist Hanging in Sydney

I often paint onto unstretched canvas and I typically advise for these unstretched works to be placed into large ‘box’ frames, floating over a mount, with ripped/torn/imperfect edges revealed. This presents the work effectively – in line with my modern practice – and maintains some authentic trace of the studio and the process. It is no question that I paint in a unique manner, and I prefer not to disguise this with unnecessary cosmetic layering (e.g stretching the unstretched/imperfect canvas around a ‘perfect’ stretcher frame)… I prefer to embrace/celebrate the imperfections. It feels more authentic this way.

For reasons hinted at above, I also particularly enjoy seeing my work hung like tapestries – which, as well as providing an ultra-contemporary/ballsy finish, precisely mirrors the painting’s presence/existence during it’s creation in the studio.

James Green Artist Hanging in Sydney