James Green Artist announced as Saatchi’s ‘One to Watch’

12 Aug 2023   |  Journal

Saatchi’s ‘One to Watch’

Copyright Photographer Simon Pizzey
Artist James Green in his studio

It’s official… James Green announced as Saatchi’s ‘One to watch’. Nice one! I did a little interview thing with ‘em which you can read by clicking the link below. A big old thank you to Saatchi for the acknowledgment. I’ve put just about everything into my practice as an artist, and it’s been a hugely rewarding journey so far. Beautifully & bizarrely unpredictable. Above anything else, the best thing about this peculiar career of mine is the people I’ve been fortunate to meet along the way. Grateful to you all! I feel like I’m just getting started – and excited to see where things go from here.

Paintings featured in this post are current available favourites. To request further details/express interest in adding to your private collection, please contact theartfulgreen@gmail.com or visit my Saatchi profile via the link below ♥

Much love,

J x

‘Vivid Unpredictability’ [LINK to full Saatchi interview]

Available Originals

James Green, an artist, creates portrait of a woman from memory alone
‘A dance with the devil might last you forever’, 70 x 50cm, Oil & spray on paper, 2023

A painting by James Green Artist centred around finding a romantic partner - featuring two characters from imagination
‘When you know, you know’, 155 x 140cm, Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas, 2023

James Green Artist mixedmedia colourful portrait
‘Why the p̶r̶o̶b̶l̶e̶m̶ pain?’, 70 x 50cm, Mixedmedia on paper, 2023

Two unstretched paintings on canvas by artist James Green hanging at Canvas Gallery
LEFT: ‘Brothers’, 140 x 155cm, Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas, 2023
RIGHT: ‘White lies’, 155 x 160cm, Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas, 2023

Artist James Green in his studio