James Green Artist x Mason Storm

23 Feb 2019   |  Journal

Portrait of Francis Bacon

I teamed up with art genius (if he does say so himself) Mason Storm in a collaborative portrait of Francis Bacon. The idea was to see how our very different individual styles (Mason’s hyperrealism / my expressionism) would work side by side on one canvas. Mason was to precisely capture the man himself (in black and white), whilst I achieve a likeness through a riot of colour, amidst a nod to Bacon?s work.

This has been acknowledged by the official Francis Bacon Estate as “A wonderful idea, with a fantastic result.”


James Green x Mason Storm
80 x 60cm
Mixedmedia on museum grade canvas

This is going to be exhibited at Talented Art Fair March 1-3 2019. Come along to see it in the flesh!

For further info on this painting, and availability, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Two slices of Bacon by James Green Artist & Mason Storm