New mini-series by contemporary portrait artist

21 Mar 2023   |  Journal

‘When you know, you know’, 155 x 140cm, Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas, 2023

After a decade of raw expression, I’m learning to slow down a bit. To be a little more considered rather than just pure impulse. It feels good! Who knows if it’ll stick… when things get routinely I normally end up dropping a bomb on it. And that’s just how it is to be… trust the process!


I paint today from a highly personal standpoint and entirely from my imagination. I have no plan whatsoever when first going into a painting. I really have no idea what’s about to come out. I try to paint in a connected way, using art as more of a force than a literal objective – and allow the moment to decide the direction for my work. I don’t even plan on painting a person/people (although I normally end up doing so) which makes it a pretty special moment for me when a character pops out seemingly from nowhere. As weird as it feels to write, it’s like meeting an old friend for the first time (read more on that here [LINK]).

In the creation of the first expressionist portrait from this mini series, ‘When you know, you know’ (featured above & below), a character emerged that I connected with meaningfully. So I ran with it, and the unknown figure became a familiar face throughout the month as the original work evolved into this mini-series – taking slightly different forms each time.

A further word on the title, ‘ANYTHING GOES’.

‘Art’, from my point of view, should not be restrictive in any way – and should perhaps allow for (and encourage) an infinitely wide range of personal interpretations and expressions. Whilst there are principles and techniques that individuals can follow/adhere-to to create a relatively technically astute visual, that doesn’t inherently make it a work of art. True art is so much more than an image created via a proven recipe. It is about throwing everything you’ve got at ‘it’ from your own personal standpoint, stepping back, and (even if it is ugly) going “yeah that’s me”. This said, it’s my belief that art should indeed at-least say something about its maker. What I’m trying to say is, there are no rules, guidelines, or limitations that dictate how art must be made or what it should look like.

I feel it is a vital part of my role to challenge the notion of beauty at every possible opportunity. It is my personal opinion that if you start-out the creative process with the aim to create a ‘beautiful’ image (as a physical objective) for the sake of creating a ‘beautiful’ image – the outcome will likely lack the fundamental ingredients to promote something from an ‘image’ to something that could be attributed to the ridiculously short, for-something-that’s-loaded-with-historic-significance, word – ‘art’ (read more on that here [LINK]).

This lack of rules is actually, for me, what makes the world of art so interesting, exciting, and inspirational. It allows for experimentation and innovation, and encourages artists to push the boundaries of what is considered ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’.

Honestly, anything really does go!

Full series as it stands featured below

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‘When you know, you know’, 155 x 140cm, Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas, 2023

‘The outsiders’, 100 x 130cm, Mixedmedia on reclaimed wooden panel, 2023

‘Jockey #1’, 70 x 50cm, Mixedmedia on heavy oil paper, 2023

‘Jockey #2’, 70 x 50cm, Mixedmedia on heavy oil paper, 2023

‘The radiant reformed’, 155 x 140cm, Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas, 2023

‘Man & Horse’, 140 x 153cm, Mixedmedia on unstretched canvas, 2023

‘Party boy’, 70 x 50cm, Mixedmedia on reclaimed frame, 2023