Apr 2020   |  Projects


James Green Artist & Joe Quigg Photographer

James Green artist and photographer Joe Quigg originally met on the set of a documentary that was centred around validating an unseen piece from Jean-Michel Basquiat which was originally owned by Joe’s Dad. They immediately got on and toyed with the idea of a collaboration project thinking that their differing approaches might work well together, mixing their mediums to create something unlike anything they had produced before.

Unfortunately Covid 19 brought with it crippling restrictions however isolation rewarded us time to begin experimenting and it just instantly worked. Similar minds and outlook of wanting to create meaningful work – there was no better time to get cracking. Joe, hand printing black and white photographs from his home darkroom and posting them to James’ studio, where he would transform them as only James could into visceral, colourful paintings.

All of their creative energy is locked into this project at this difficult moment in time, this comes through in the work that shows the mark of each artist within it.

James Green Artist & Joe Quigg Photographer James Green Artist & Joe Quigg Photographer