Self-portrait of somebody else (2015 – 2018)

Feb 2021   |  Projects

‘Self-portrait of somebody else’ features a series of multi-faceted portraits borne from over a decade of visual exploration into my concerns around existing in an over-complicated society with an overwhelming disconnect between ‘work’ and real life. It’s my intention for each portrait to be viewed (at once) as both a self portrait, and a portrait of the ‘everyday person’.

“Ensuring he has all mediums to hand prior to painting begins, Green grabs whichever tool (and colour) feels right at that specific moment – purposely blocking out methodic thought, personal conversation and personal debate so that the resulting interpretation is personal to that moment alone and entirely a one-off – only satisfied when the outcome could never be replicated by himself, or anyone else for that matter.”


James Green Art

James Green Art

The man himself by James Green Artist

James Green Art James Green Art Referenceless portrait James Green Essence of she

James Green Art   Untitled by James Green Artist The Everyman by James Green Artist Man with cigar by James Green Artist Mugshot 1 by James Green Artist Mugshot 2 by James Green Artist Arabella by James Green Artist