‘The fag break’ – series by James Green Artist

15 Jun 2022   |  Journal

In around my early-mid 20’s, I worked in an office (Sydney, Australia) and someone I worked with told me that he only smoked so that he could get the extra 5 minutes outside of the office. This has fascinated me ever since, and has become a consistent thread within my work.

The messages that manifest within these paintings inevitably touch on a broader theme that flows throughout my visual work – the common paradoxical contrast between ‘work’ and real life (where I occasionally question if we could be doing things a little differently); and the disconnect I’ve noticed it can generate when it comes to personal identity… The fight for self!

James Green Art James Green Art The Fag Break by James Green Artist Man with cigar by James Green Artist Sitting pretty by James Green Artist PICNIC IN THE PARK by James Green Artist 4 Star Service by James Green Artist