Update on the ‘SÉNÉGAËLLE’ charity project in Senegal

24 Jan 2023   |  Journal

Back in July 2022, I shared my gratitude that a painting I had donated to the ‘SÉNÉGAËLLE’ project helped to raise a much needed €21,950 for long-term development & support for three schools in Senegal. I’m struggling to contain my excitement in sharing the following video, which shows just how important this project has already proved to be. The work on the schools started almost immediately and the wonderful children from the city of M’Bour are already benefitting from improved facilities, and a better education. Education is key for a better world and the beauty of this small association – Sénégaëlle – is that no costs get absorbed elsewhere.

To read more on this inspirational project, you can check out my original journal post here [LINK].

I have already created another (huge!) painting for the organisation which will be sold in the same way later this year for the next round of fundraising. News on that as and when!

My sincere thanks goes out to my dear friend and collector, Thomas Joulia (Bordeaux, France), and everyone involved; for inviting me to become affiliated with a charity created in memory of their wonderful friend Gaëlle.

Senegalese_James Green Artist