NOT-A-PRINT-RELEASE, RELEASE: ‘Waiting for the Sun’

28 May 2024   |  Journal

NOT-A-PRINT-RELEASE, RELEASE: ‘Waiting for the sun’

A celebration of the Summer Solstice by James Green Artist

With ever-increasing demand for my work, alongside international gallery interest, prices – led by the galleries I work with – have risen steadily recently. However a part of me still wishes some of my work could remain more accessible.

Previously, I’ve rarely offered prints because signing something I haven’t touched doesn’t sit too well with me… and on another note, prints fade after 70 years or so and therefore ‘value’ (if that’s what you’re looking for) is inherently limited.

Now, that said, I’m genuinely excited to announce a new project of Unique ORIGINAL Multiples, limited to just 20 pieces, at an affordable price-point, on a first come first served basis:

A celebration of the Summer Solstice by artist James Green

‘Waiting for the sun’
100 x 100cm
Oil paint on stretched canvas
Signed on reverse
£650 each 

Please note: Due to the nature of mark-making (by my hand), it’s borderline-impossible for each piece to be exactly the same (part of the beauty of unique multiples) although we’re talking small, unnoticeable differences. Just so you know if a square-centimetre doesn’t look quite as it does in this image… you lucky thing!

Right, let’s get personal…

As an artist, it’s inevitable that my personal life interacts with my visual output in one way or another. I generally keep myself-to-myself when it comes to my practice/outward communications, however on this occasion, I wanted to share some of my recent personal experiences, and journey, with you.

My career has been built upon bizarre, unpredictable, and quite unbelievable coincidences – to the point that it’s led me to believe/understand that there’s no such thing as a coincidence and I now surrender to the idea that there’s some form of Higher Power at play. After considerable ‘research’ (and soul searching – cringe), I have – long story short – arrived at a place where my personal concept of a Higher Power lays wholeheartedly in nature and the natural world.

That’s why this year, I wanted to visually acknowledge this personal development on canvas (well 20, actually). DRUM ROLL PLEASE… and celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Why Summer Solstice? 

Well, I’m a summer baby, with a curious DOB: 6/7/89 and although I kid myself I’m in love with the winter months, the truth is I’m always chasing – or waiting for – the sun, so it feels appropriate. Joking aside – the Summer Solstice marks the first day of summer, when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky. For me, a quite literal version of a Higher Power as without the sun we simply wouldn’t be here. These unique ORIGINAL multiples explore that moment and that feeling.

‘Waiting for the sun’ depicts someone – created from my imagination with no photo reference or sitter – getting ready for a new dawn. This image is repeated to represent a moment of reflection; with the upside-down heads acknowledging the time I spent down under as well as demonstrating that a single, unique moment can be interpreted from more than a single perspective.

So why 20 pieces and why £650?

Well, to some degree it’s about numbers and synchronicity; the Summer Solstice occurs on 20th June at 9.50pm but £950 doesn’t fit the accessible theme that started this project; whereas in Sydney, the Winter Solstice the following day is at 6.50am – so £650 it is. As I said, synchronicity!

How can you get your hands on one?

Simply shoot me an email expressing your interest and we’ll go from there. Please note: These will be delivered sequentially i.e. the first request will receive #1, and the last will receive #20.

Thank you,


P.s you weren’t expecting me to just paint the sun, were you?

A painting about the Summer Solstice by James Green Artist

A celebration of the Summer Solstice by James Green Artist