What happened in Paris (on-going collaboration between James Green Artist & Monsieur Jamin)

04 May 2023   |  Journal

Earlier this month, I went on a painting expedition to Paris to work with good friend and collaborator – artist Monsieur Jamin. It’s always pretty special when the two of us come together – with our similar creative minds & shared impulsive/gestural technique when it comes to painting. The process is effortless, and our friendship may well be just about as unique as they come. On the face of it, it might seem strange for two people to be able to sit across the table from each other over dinner, not be able to talk, and for it to not be remotely awkward. Which is why I consider this to be a once-in-a-lifetime connection. Although we can’t verbally communicate, that simply doesn’t matter. To celebrate this unique partnership, we’re currently cooking up a two-man Paris exhibition… News on that in not too long!

Read more on the collab project here [LINK] and see below for a visual snippet of what we got up to this time. I left Paris feeling content that I’d left the place a little more colourful 🙂

Monsieur Jamin stood next to artist James Green street art in ParisYellow & red collaboration painting between artist James Green & Monsieur Jamin
Collaboration paintings made between Monsieur Jamin & James Green Artist - outside of art studio
Painting of a man wearing a hat created by artist James Green & Monsieur Jamin (collaboration)
Colourful portrait painting created by Monsieur Jamin & artist James Green
Expressive figurative painting - a collaboration between James Green Artist & Monsieur Jamin
Inside the studio of Paris artist Monsieur Jamin