Context: ‘Happy couple’ (JG/PH)

25 Apr 2022   |  Journal

Francois spotted my work in a pub in London and messaged me saying, “You need to meet my best friend – I think you think the same”. My curiosity was pricked. Francois organised a meeting between his friend, artist Monsieur Jamin (Paris), and myself at my studio in Stroud and acted as translator. We had no idea quite how important the meeting would prove to be. It was like meeting a brother. We don’t share a spoken language, but that didn’t matter. Jamin and I paint in the same way, and apparently think the same. We have since painted together on multiple occasions and the collaboration has been hugely productive. Although we can’t communicate with words, the process is natural and effortless. Consequently we are confident in relying on a shared ‘Painted Word’ and are reluctant to learn each other’s language. 

This painting began with a chance encounter with a Balinese taxi driver on my travels. “My life is very simple. I don’t have much money and I don’t want much. My son is all I need. I am very happy.” This modest statement seems to express a vital truth. The painting is simply a celebration of love above material wealth.

Happy couple by James Green Artist & Monsieur Jamin